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Anicka Fairhurst BSc (Hons) GSR

I am a qualified Sports Rehabilitator and studied BSc (Hons) Sports Rehabilitation at Salford University. Since qualifying I have worked for 3 seasons at Woodley Sports Football Club, a semi professional club. I mainly focused on the youth team but also was involved with their first and reserve teams. Alongside this, I was also the physio for the Cheshire under 18's football team and worked for Knutsford Football Club.

Alongside Impact Sports Injury Clinic I also worked as a personal trainer for David Lloyd Leisure in Cheadle. This has given me the experience of using gym equipment to facilitate the rehabilitation of injury and to assist in the prevention of re-injury. Further, I am qualified in two Les Mills programmes; Body Pump and Body Combat. This enables me to give precise advise on the ability of carrying an injury during classes. I am also qualified to teach JUKARI Fit to Flex, a dynamic flexibility class organised with Reebok and Cirque Du Soleil.

Since leaving David Lloyd I have now done specialist courses in Acupuncture, Kinesiology taping and Be Activated courses to help in proving an all rounded form of treatment and using the benefits of each course in speeding up your recovery even more. I am constantly looking into new theories and expanding my knowledge to ensure you are receiving the best possible form of treatment.

I understand how frustrating it is when you are injured and feel like you have to change or stop your routine. This may not be the case. You may be able to carry on with the activities you enjoy even whilst being injured. Or at the very least be able to adapt your routine to fit in with your tailored recovery process. My experience has enabled me to understand this frustration and there is nothing worse than thinking you have to avoid certain activities.

I am a full graduate member of the following affiliated governing bodies:

  • BASRaT
  • SMA
  • REPs Level 3

Certified qualifications to teach:

  • Body Pump
  • Body Combat
  • Keiser Cycling (Spin)
  • JUKARI Fit to Flex

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 07872 948788 or email us at info@impactsportsinjury.com

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David Lloyd Leisure, Royal Crescent, Cheadle Royal, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 3FL

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Knee Pain
Our Sports Rehabilitators are experts at diagnosing and treating both long term and short term knee pain.

Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries
We specialise in treating a large variety of sports injuries such as running injuries, cycling injuries, tennis injuries and muscle strain.
Back pain
Back pain
We treat a large variety of conditions that cause back pain using a combination of physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories and exercise.
Headaches often stem from neck problems, such as tightness in the neck muscles and poor posture.